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E.H. Höhenstein ( TRAK )

E.H. Höhenstein ( TRAK )

Year of birth: 
Grote Tour


After having become premium stallion at the licensing in Neumünster in 1993 this top stallion has made a brilliant career.

§       1994: Hohenstein became second at his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with a total index of 134.05 points. He became rideability champion with 148.29 points.

§       1995: Trakehner Champion and 3rd range at the German Young Horses’ Championship.

§       1997: From his first foal class Hohenstein presented the champion of the stallion licensing (Münchhausen – 350,000 DM). Meanwhile, Münchhausen successfully took part in Grand Prix tests and at the European Championships in Hagen 2005.

§       1998: First victories in advanced dressage tests.

§       1999: Hohenstein was proclaimed elite stallion (EH).

§       2002: Hohenstein became stallion of the year and his son His Highness became champion of the stallion licensing in Verden (515,000 Euro).

§       2005: Insterburg being son of Hohenstein became 3rd at the World Championship for Young Dressage Horses in Verden.

§       2006: 3 premium stallions of the Trakehner licensing derive from the Hohenstein bloodline such as this year’s champion mare Zaubermelodie.


Hohenstein I was the vice champion of the 1994 stallion performance test at Adelheidsdorf, the 1995 Trakehner Riding Horse Champion as well as third at the Federal Championships. He won his first advanced dressage competition at the age of seven in 1998. In the meantime he has had wins and high placements up to Intermediaire 1 and Grand Prix.

 Hohenstein was a hit from the start as a breeding stallion. He has proven to be homozygotically dark coloured, with his progeny overwhelmingly inheriting his black colour (65%). His tally of approved sons has grown to 12 including the champion stallion Munchausen. Hohenstein was successful at the 2000 Federal Championships with four offspring qualifying and the vice champion Habitus who was later sold for 320,000 DM via the Verden auction. In 2000 at the Equilibra Auction at Towerlands Equestrian Centre, Essex, England the stallion High Fashion by Hohenstein was sold for 85,000 Pound or DM 280,000. According to Hoofs and Horns this was the highest price ever paid at a non-thoroughbred auction in England.

 The FN breeding values regularly list Hohenstein as a top procreator of dressage horses and this year he was ranked fourth. According to the Hanoverian Verband in 2000 he was the second best producer of dressage horses with an index of 183, the fifth best transmitter of type with a score of 161 and equal third on the breed values competition list with a score of 145%. In 1999 he was awarded the distinction of Elite Stallion by the Trakehner association due to his outstanding performance in both breeding and sport.

 Hohenstein’s sire Caprimond is one of the most sought after Trakehner’s in Germany. He was runner up of the 1987 Trakehner approvals, federal vice champion in 1988, winner of the 1988 stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf and was successful up to Grand Prix.  Caprimond is popular in many warmblood breeds as an excellent producer of very rideable horses. He is also a strong transmitter of type often standing on top of the Hanoverian Verband’s rankings.