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Hannah Butteneers and Frodo Winning A7 with a score of 67.273 % in " Heusden Joluca ".

Hannah Butteneers and Frodo won their first test with a score of 67.273%, 3rd place was for Sanne De Hondt who is also training with us, she had a total score of 64.091

Competition KR Joluca Heusden


Maduc is born, Münchhausen X Robespierrot

Here some pictures of our 5th Filly this year.

Here almost 2 days old.

Reggae and Ruth Vanhoef at Second place in Level Z2 LRV.

Reggae and Ruth had their second performance at level Z2 LRV organised by LRV Zolder in Woutershof Kuringen. They finished at a second place, first place was for rider Veronique Engelen, 3rd place was Yentl Korsten.

Congratulations to Ruth and Reggae.