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" My Mojo " of Münchhausen X Saros xx is born.

"My Mojo " is born, again a stallion, he already haves 2 full-brothers Maximus and Maxifun.

My Mojo is Münchhausen http://www.dressage.be/node/97 X Verb Pr St Hayka from Saros xx http://www.dressage.be/node/36 here an impression. On this picture he is almost 2 day's old.

Our Student Hannah Buteneers took second place on level I at regional competition Woutershof 8 mai 2011

66,8% was the score that took Hannah and Frodo ( Farewell X Lys De Darmen ) to the second place in level I at regional competition Woutershof Kuringen.

Ruth Vanhoef 2nd place with Dundee in level Z1 at the LRV competition - Peer 8 mai 2011

Ruth Vanhoef and Dundee ( Donnerhall ) had their first test of this year in LRV comptition in Peer. 

They finisched at a second place.

Ruth also compteted with Reggae in Level Z2 where she took the 6th place. This was Ruth 's first Z2 she ever competed, so she was happy with this result

Fanelle of Farewell I is born


Fanelle is born, here 1 day and a half old, for more information you can visit this link http://www.dressage.be/nl/node/1068

New pictures of Farazzano ( Farewell X Lys De Darmen )


Farazzano, Son of Farewell I X Lys De Darmen, brother of Femke ( Carlotta Söffing Germany ), is just broken, here pictures of him at his first time outdoor, you can watch all pictures at this link http://www.dressage.be/nl/node/58